a much needed vacation

We've been working hard to finish up some of our over due projects this month- so we can take a little vacation. It's looking like a go- because I just finished my last table the other day- yea!! This one turned super cute- I think. I used a method that I found online- which made it so much easier to destress. It's a method using vasoline to keep paint from sticking to the areas you want to destress- and I can't for the life of me find the blog I saw it on- but full credits to them- it worked GREAT! It's now for sale in our Etsy shop.

Now we can focus on a little relaxation. Where in the world will we go? Well- it probably won't be very far- lol. Just a few days to visit family and friends in Mississppi- but I'll take it. It's hard being away from all of them. We love it here in Arkansas everyone's been so nice. I just get a little homesick from time to time- ready to be back in my neck of the woods.

It's going to be a great little trip- so excited! Not only to visit with everyone- but I get to visit some of my favorite thrift shops while we're there- yea!! I think Baleigh (our darling poochie) is excited too. I asked her if she's ready to go see her mawmaw and she just wags her tail and looks at the door- lol. She's a spoiled little thing. My mom treats her like she's one of the grandkids. The last trip we made she bought her a new toy, blanket, and a big plush puppy-shaped pillow to sleep on- and Baleigh loves them- lol. I don't think a dog could be more spoiled?

Here's a photo of her sleeping with her puppy- lol. Spoiled!!

Well- I guess that's all for now. I haven't been on here for a few weeks and wanted to share a bit. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Until next time....

Anyone have a spoiled pup story to share? Comment below we'd love to hear from you. 

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