a birthday celebration

Two years ago today we had a beautiful little gift come into our lives. She has given us so much joy and happiness that we wanted to celebrate her birthday in a special way this year, so we decided to give her a puppy party. No other dogs were invited- but still she had a blast! I found a template at Van Laar Designs for a party hat and just resized the print to fit her tiny little head. Then I just traced the template onto scrapbook paper, cut it out, glued it, and added a little cupcake sticker to the front. Doesn't she look adorable!?!
She had a special birthday cookie that says, happy birthday, with little paw prints on it. And, of course, it wouldn't be a birthday party without some gifts. She got a cute little pink dress, a Hello Kitty shirt, and a cute frog that ribbits when you squeeze it- lol. She just loved having all the attention and getting spoiled. 

At first my husband thought I was a little bonkers talking about having a puppy party, but once he saw how cute she looked with her birthday hat on I think he changed his mind- lol. He's not always on board with my ideas- at first- but he usually changes his mind and gets into the spirit of things once he sees how much fun it can be. Personally, I think we should celebrate all life- human or animal. These little angels show us so much love, and give us so much comfort, that they deserve to have a special day once a year too. 
She was so tired after playing she had to take a nap.

Do you celebrate your pets birthday? If so, we'd love for you to share with us in the comments below.

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in the spirit of spring

We've enjoyed the warm weather the past few days- so much that I started doing a little spring cleaning. The hubby even built me a little display shelf (below) for my collection of camera's. I ran across this cute little lamb at a flea market the other day. It reminded of one that I had as a child so I just had to buy. ;) I displayed him with the camera's- isn't he cute!

This beautiful machine is now displayed in my "clean" craft room. Yes.. I will admit I let my craft room go a little bit- but I like crafting and things can get out of hand sometimes- lol. My crafty friends know what I mean- right? ;) My grandmother gave me her 1950's Singer sewing machine and sewing box when we went to visit Christmas. I've been waiting until I could get my craft room clean before I took it out of it's case- I'm  so happy to finally have it done.

My grandmother is ninety-six years old and still lives own her own. She cooks, cleans, and even walks to the post office everyday. I just pray I can do at least half of what she does when I'm that age- lol. She's amazing! She's not able to see well enough to sew anymore though- so she decided it was time to pass it down. I'm her only granddaughter, so she wanted me to have it. She taught me how to sew when I was about six years old. I had a cute little purple sewing machine that my mom bought me- loved that thing. I would spend hours making all kinds of goodies. My mom still has my adorable works of art pillows and pin cushions I would make for her.

I'm just so happy to have this fabulous piece that brings back so many memories. :)

Does anyone have a special grandma and me story? We'd love to hear it! Comment below and tell us about a special memory you & your grandmother share.

lovely clouds pattern

Lovely Clouds Pattern

Here's a little embroidery pattern I made to share with you guys. It's cute kawaii clouds with hearts dangling below. I have finally been able to start some new projects this week- due to being snowed in. I hope to get some of them shared before Valentine's Day.  

Download the Lovely Clouds Pattern

 These are some photos of the snow we've had in Arkansas. 

It's beautiful looking out and seeing the beautiful white fluff covering everything. Although I've enjoyed it I'm more of a warm weather kinda gal- and I'm very much looking forward to spring.

Well guys- I hope you enjoy the pattern and until next time... keep smiling and stay warm!!

wonderful news: photography and a baby

Hi everyone. Hope you all are staying warm. Just thought I'd catch you all up on my little part of the world. As some of you may know I've been learning to use manual on my dslr camera. I don't get to practice as often as I'd like to- but I'm learning slowly. When we went to visit our family over the holidays I made my daughter and niece model for some photos. I need tons of more practice (as you can see below)- but I think I'm improving. I'm not trying to be a professional photographer by any means- I just want to be able to take photos that I'm not scared to show anyone- lol.

This is my beautiful daughter- Megan Nicole.

And this little red headed cutie is my niece- Journey.

So what do you guys think? I'd love some feedback. If you're a photographer and have any tips for me I'd love to hear from you. I'm always open to learning new things. :)

Now I'm moving on to some exciting news...

I've also learned that I'm going to be a grandmother. My oldest daughter- Heather- not pictured- is going to have a baby in August- my first grandchild- SUPER excited!! Needless to say- I'll be getting lots of photo practice when the baby arrives. ;) 

They haven't learned the sex of the baby- but shhhh- I'm secretly hoping it's a girl. And not because I think my daughter deserves some revenge for her teenage years- lol. I just loved the experience of having daughters- and I hope she gets to experience it as well- but we're going to be excited no matter the sex. 

I had never really imagined myself being a grandmother- I know two daughters and never- but the answer is "no". I guess I just tossed the idea of it out of my mind. I still see my girls running around with pigtails in their hair lol- it's hard to picture them all grown up and having babies of their own- but that's life and I'm loving it!! Going to be a #1 Grandma!! :)

Well- I guess I'll let you guys go surf the web- until next time- keep smiling!! :)

a much needed vacation

We've been working hard to finish up some of our over due projects this month- so we can take a little vacation. It's looking like a go- because I just finished my last table the other day- yea!! This one turned super cute- I think. I used a method that I found online- which made it so much easier to destress. It's a method using vasoline to keep paint from sticking to the areas you want to destress- and I can't for the life of me find the blog I saw it on- but full credits to them- it worked GREAT! It's now for sale in our Etsy shop.

Now we can focus on a little relaxation. Where in the world will we go? Well- it probably won't be very far- lol. Just a few days to visit family and friends in Mississppi- but I'll take it. It's hard being away from all of them. We love it here in Arkansas everyone's been so nice. I just get a little homesick from time to time- ready to be back in my neck of the woods.

It's going to be a great little trip- so excited! Not only to visit with everyone- but I get to visit some of my favorite thrift shops while we're there- yea!! I think Baleigh (our darling poochie) is excited too. I asked her if she's ready to go see her mawmaw and she just wags her tail and looks at the door- lol. She's a spoiled little thing. My mom treats her like she's one of the grandkids. The last trip we made she bought her a new toy, blanket, and a big plush puppy-shaped pillow to sleep on- and Baleigh loves them- lol. I don't think a dog could be more spoiled?

Here's a photo of her sleeping with her puppy- lol. Spoiled!!

Well- I guess that's all for now. I haven't been on here for a few weeks and wanted to share a bit. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Until next time....

Anyone have a spoiled pup story to share? Comment below we'd love to hear from you. 

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