a birthday celebration

Two years ago today we had a beautiful little gift come into our lives. She has given us so much joy and happiness that we wanted to celebrate her birthday in a special way this year, so we decided to give her a puppy party. No other dogs were invited- but still she had a blast! I found a template at Van Laar Designs for a party hat and just resized the print to fit her tiny little head. Then I just traced the template onto scrapbook paper, cut it out, glued it, and added a little cupcake sticker to the front. Doesn't she look adorable!?!
She had a special birthday cookie that says, happy birthday, with little paw prints on it. And, of course, it wouldn't be a birthday party without some gifts. She got a cute little pink dress, a Hello Kitty shirt, and a cute frog that ribbits when you squeeze it- lol. She just loved having all the attention and getting spoiled. 

At first my husband thought I was a little bonkers talking about having a puppy party, but once he saw how cute she looked with her birthday hat on I think he changed his mind- lol. He's not always on board with my ideas- at first- but he usually changes his mind and gets into the spirit of things once he sees how much fun it can be. Personally, I think we should celebrate all life- human or animal. These little angels show us so much love, and give us so much comfort, that they deserve to have a special day once a year too. 
She was so tired after playing she had to take a nap.

Do you celebrate your pets birthday? If so, we'd love for you to share with us in the comments below.

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