i spy challenge | day one | something edible

Don't you hate it when you plan and plan on something and then all plans go out the door? Me too! That's what happened to us this weekend. We were all stoked about going to the Watermelon Festival- but it got cancelled due to the weather- bummer! Guess I'll have to wait another year- ha. Since we couldn't go to the festival we did get to stop at a few flea markets. At one store one of the owners had the cutest little live monkey- yelp I got pics! He's so cute I just have to post one now- and I'll post the rest in a later post.

Okay now it's challenge time! Day one of the challenge was to take a photo of something edible. First- I took a photo of a box of thin mints- but I didn't like the way it turned out- so I decided to go with a bowl of grapes. As you can probably tell by the photo I'm an "amatuer photographer". I don't think I'll be getting any awards for food photography anytime soon- ha. I have been trying to learn to use manuel on my camera- I think it's improving a little- because at first the photos would just be way to dark- thank goodness for lr! If there's anyone out there reading this and you have some useful tips on how I can improve my photography- please feel free to share- I would really appreciate it.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a photo of something smooth- hmmm wonder what it'll be!?! Hope you guys will play along with me! Anyone that wants to play along can post their photos to instagram using tag #opsispy.We would love to see!

Well... until tommorrow's photo! :)

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