i spy challenge | day two | something smooth

This is our little chihuahua- Baleigh. She's the first dog I've ever owned. We got her when we moved to Arkansas last year. She's been a blessing to us for so many reasons. When we first moved here we didn't know anyone and she made being homesick a like more- tolerable. When she was about 4 months old she jumped out of our vehicle while it was going down the road. My husband pulled over and got her in the car to rush her to the vet- but when we got there she got up and was great. Needless to say- the incident scared me to my wits end. I use to never understand how people could get so attached to pets- but in that moment I felt my heart sink and it all became clear. This little pooch is like one of my kids. She's spoiled rotten, sweet, a little hard headed, whines when she doesn't get her way, and loves to dress-up in her little clothes. She's also a daddy's girl. She goes absolutely nuts if she thinks he is going to leave her. She loves to give him the sad eyes- lol.
Moving on now- this is day two of the I Spy Challenge. I picked Baleigh to be my something smooth. She has the smoothest hair- as you can see in the photo. At night she snuggles up next to me and rubbing her puts me right to sleep. She's been a little playful today- so it wasn't easy getting her still long enough for photos. I had to get the hubs to step outside so she'd get on the bed and watch for him-lol. She would have stayed there for a while if he hadn't come back in.

The photo above was taken a few months ago. As you can see she's a prissy little thing- lol. She actually sticks her arms out when I'm dressing her- she's so spoiled! My husband and I don't have children together- so as you might can tell this is our little- angel!

Well- this was my i spy something- smooth. You can check out and play along with us on Instagram. Use the tag #opsispy and post your photos. We'd really love to see!  Well- goodnight! Until tomorrow...

How spoiled is your pet? Are you a cat or dog lover?  Leave us a comment below.

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