I Spy... A Fun Challenge

Hello! I can't believe it's almost fall- can you? Where did the summer go? Well... I'll tell you where mine went- working. That's why it's been so long between my posts. Things are calming down a bit now- so maybe I can focus on the other things I really love to do- like blogging & photography.

I hope to get some really good photos at the Watermelon Festival this weekend. We moved here last year and didn't know about it last August- so needless to say I've been waiting for it this year. It's nothing to big just craft vendors, good music, food, lots of friendly people, and of course- watermelons- yum! I will post more about the festival later- because for now it's on to a little challenge.

To get me started with my blog posts I found these cute printable scavenger hunt cards (above) over at Lisa Moorefield.com and they gave me the idea for a photo challenge. It's not going to be a month long challenge- it's just a little something to get me motivated. I figured if I post the challenge on here I'd have to stick to it- I think I can- I think I can- lol.  

The idea of the cards is to play ispy using digital photography. Great idea- right? You just list the ispy items on the card and post a different photo each day. Since the list is for ten things it will be a ten day challenge. Ten days hmmm... yea- I can do ten days- lol.

I will be using the "i spy something card" that Lisa already has made in her printable set that you can download here. This is how it will work- my day one challenge will be to photograph something edible, day two a photo of something smooth, and so one. I will start my challenge in a few days and post ten days in a row.

If any of you guys need a little self motivation please feel free to join in on the challenge. If you do and you use instagram please share your photos with us using hashtag #opsispy. We would really love to see them!

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